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INTERREG III which had three parts (A, B, C) was one of the initiatives of the European Communities. It was approved by the European Commission for EU Member States and was a tool to overcome the disadvantages resulting from the peripheral position of borderland areas in  the programming period 2004 -2006. Part A related to a cross-border cooperation, Part B focused on a transnational cooperation and Part C supported an interregional cooperation.

In the Czech Republic, the Community Initiative INTERREG IIIA Republic was carried out through five separate programmes according to territorial divisions. In our country it was the Czech-Polish programme, in which, as in the only one, the Czech side had the Management Authority. The programme focused on smaller projects with a particular impact on the concerned border area. The programme immediately followed the pre-accession Programme Phare CBC. Even so-called Fund for Micro-Projects was implemented under the Community Initiative INTERREG IIIA, which followed successful cross-border cooperation Programme CBC Phare - Joint Small Project Fund. Fund for Micro-Projects was implemented through individual euroregions. In the Euroregion Glacensis, RDA Rychnov nad Kněžnou was also involved in the implementation as the fund administrator.

In the framework of the Fund for Micro-Projects in the Euroregion Glacensis, there were 110 contracted, implemented and financed projects in total. Project implemented under the Fund for Micro-Projects in the Euroregion Glacensis have brought cultural, social, economic and social development of border areas of both countries in the ongoing mutual coordination, cooperation and compliance, there were a number of common objectives of different actors from both sides of the border - cultural and sports events, environmental protection, exchange study visits, publication and awareness-raising activities, the emergence of business networks and other activities to support continuous improvement life of the population and increase the attractiveness of the Czech-Polish border. Within the implementation of these projects, the Polish - Czech relations strengthened, joint activities expanded and new contacts and cooperation were established.

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"This project was co-financed from EU resources in the framework of the INTERREG IIIA Initiative through Euroregion Glacensis" 
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