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Tower on St. Anna Mountain

Nowa Ruda

Tower on St. Anna Mountain

Technical specification:

Výška rozhlednyTower height 22,83 m
Výška plošinyPlatform height 17 m
OtevřeníOfficially opened to the public October 5, 2014
GPSGPS: 50°34'00.200" N 16°30'06.810" E
Within the sight of the lookout tower on the All Saints Mountain, in close vicinity of the town of Nowa Ruda, there stands another lookout tower on Góra Świętej Anny (St. Anna Mountain). Unfortunately, the beautiful structure built of red sandstone in 1911 was used for a television convertor and closed o te public. Local inhabitants claimed that the tower was waiting for mercy and strived to return it to tourists. Finally, they lived to see that. In the year 2014, the lookout tower was recontructed, modernized and even elevated in cooperation with Gmina Nowa Ruda and the Glacensis Euroregion. Before the reconstruction it had reached the height of 17,76 m, whereas after the recontruction it is 22,83 m hight. The tower also regined its original historical appearance. Let us just remind yout of the fact that in close vicinity of the lookout tower there is a small church from the year 1644, dedicated to St. Anna.
Construction investor: town of Nowa Ruda
Contractor: BUDOM Sylwia Szerłomska - Zdziebło
Project architect: ABM Wycena Nieruchomości
Opening hours:
Season October - May
Mo - Fr unlimited    
Sa unlimited
Su unlimited
Season September -
Mo - Fr  unlimited   
Sa  unlimited
Su  unlimited
Photo Gallery lookout tower
Rozhledna na Hoře sv. Anny
Photo gallery from the opening of the observation tower
Hora sv. Anny otevření
Hora sv. Anny otevření
Hora sv. Anny otevření
Hora sv. Anny otevření
Photo gallery during construction observation tower
Nowa Ruda stavba
Nowa Ruda stavba
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