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On 21 December 2007, the Czech Republic together with other 8 European Union member states (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) joined the Schengen Area. This led to an increase in the number of Schengen countries from 15 to 24. The zone of free movement of people includes the area ranging from the southern tip of Spain to the Norwegian coast at the Barents Sea.

The entry of our country into the Schengen Area does not only allow us to cross the border into neighbouring countries without customs controls even though this is the most perceivable feature of it. Membership of the Czech Republic in the Schengen area is reflected  also  in the  work of  police and judicial authorities, in the visa policy of the Czech Republic, and even in the arrangements for security and public orders.

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As a brief overview, we have prepared some important information for you about the Schengen area which you may find on our website in these publications:
  • "Czech Republic enters the Schengen area" – a publication summarizing main facts related to the accession of the Czech Republic in the Schengen area. It provides basic overview of the history of Schengen cooperation and its principles and aims at specific changes that have started since 21 December 2007
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