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Signing Ceremony of the Agreement on Cooperation – 12 October 2011

The Euroregion Glacensis entered into a joint agreement in Jelenie Gora, Poland, on 5 October 2011. The Agreement is to aim at developing greater cross-border cooperation. The goal is to enhance cooperation between citizens, businesses and social institutions in the border area. The aim is to create a new European grouping of territorial cooperation in the future. The agreement was concluded between Liberec, Hradec Králové, Olomouc and Pardubice Region, Lower Silesian voivodship and representatives of Czech and Polish parts of the euroregions Glacensis and Nisa.

"European Grouping for Territorial Cooperation offers us a higher form of cross-border cooperation and enables to recreate international groupings. The first step will be to develop a joint strategy for integrated cooperation, which should prioritize cooperation", said Ing. Miroslav Kocian, Chairman of the Euroregion Glacensis, who was entrusted to sign the joint document.

All the governors representing their regions attended a signing ceremony together with the representatives of the Euroregion Glacensis Ing. Miroslav Kocián, Chairman of the Czech part, Miroslav Vlasák, 1. Vice-Chairman, Jaroslav Štefek, Secretary, Czesław Krecichwost, Chairman of the Polish part, Tomasz Korczak, member of the Council and Radoslaw Pietuch, Secretary. Even the representatives of the Czech Embassy, Mr. Kysilka, Mr. Ingasiak, Honorary Consul, Mr. Skorupa, Voivod, and Mr. Jurkowlaniec, Marshal of Lower Silesia Voivodeship attended the meeting as well. Within the framework of the meeting, our Euroregion presented examples of successful projects, particularly in the area of the town of Náchod and Kudowa Zdrój.

Description of the attached photos:

  1. Rafal Jurkowlaniec – Marshal of Lower Silesia Voivodeship
  2. Signing ceremony of Cooperation Agreement in the presence of Ing. Miroslav Kocián 
  3. Signatories of the joint agreement, (from the left) Ing. Martin Tesařík – Governor of Olomouc Region, Mgr. Stanislav Eichler – Governor of Liberec Region, Rafal Jurkowlaniec – Marshal of Lower Silesia Voivodeship, Bc. Lubomír Franc – Governor of Hradec Králové Region, Mgr. Radko Martínek – Governor of Pardubice Region, Czesław Krecichwost – Chairman of the Polish part Euroregion Glacensis, Maciej Awiżeń – Council member of the Polish part of the Euroregion Glacensis, Piotr Roman – President of the Polish part of the Euroregion Nisa, Andrej Jankowski – Director of the Polish part of the Euroregion Nisa, Ing. Miroslav Kocián – Chairman of the Czech part of the Euroregion Glacensis, Bc. Martin Půta – Chairman of the Czech part of the Euroregion Nisa
  4. Panel discussion of governors
  5. Meeting of Mr. Skorupa, Lower Silesia Voivod with Euroregion Glacensis representatives and delegates of Gminy Kudowa Zdrój.
1. Rafal Jurkowlaniec
2. Agreement Signature
3. Signatories of the Joint Agreement
4. Governors Panel Discussion
5.  Meeting Lower Silesian Voivod
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