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Entry Requirements to the Association Euroregion Glacensis

Everyone who is interested to join the interest association of legal entities of the

Euroregion Borderland of Bohemia, Moravia and Kłodzko - Euroregion Glacensis,

shall meet the following requirements:
  • a relevant city council/municipal council shall give their consent to the membership in Euroregion Glacensis
  • the Council must agree to the contents of the Articles of the EURG Association
  • the membership of a city/town/community/alliance in the Euroregion Glacensis begins on the date of approval of the Council of the EURG Association
If you are interested in joining the association, it is required to fill in all the applicable blanks on the application form and clause and send the signed documents with copies of the resolutions of the city council/municipal council meeting back to the Secretariat of the Euroregion Glacensis.

Then the entrants will receive a letter in which they will be asked to pay a membership fee in the amount of CZK 4 per one town/municipality inhabitant. The membership fee for the year will be adequately reduced according to the actual number of months of membership in the Euroregion Glacensis.

Since  2011, the other members' obligation when joining the association is to pay a single deposit to EUROFOND, in the amount of a proper membership fee of CZK 4 per one inhabitant, already without reduction. EUROFOND was established in order to secure pre-financing of joint projects Euroregion Glacensis.

Documents required when entering the Association Euroregion Glacensis:
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