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Česko-polská Hřebenovka - eastern part


Project number:               CZ.11.2.45/0.0/16_025/0001254

Lead Partner:

Euroregion Pomezí Čech, Moravy a Kladska – Euroregion Glacensis


Královehradecký kraj

Pardubický kraj

Olomoucký kraj

Liberecký kraj

Sdružení Neratov, z.s.

Obec Deštné v Orlických horách

Obec Olešnice v Orlických horách

Městys Nový Hrádek

Obec Vysoká Srbská

Stowarzyszenie Gmin Ziemi Kłodzkej

Powiat Kłodzki

Gmina Międzylesie

Gmina Bystrzyca Kłodzka

Gmina Duszniki-Zdrój

Gmina Radków

Gmina Miejska Nowa Ruda

Gmina Nowa Ruda



Overall                 3 571 346,11 €

                From European Regional Development Fund                  3 035 553 €

                From the state budget                                                      97 950 €

                Own deposit                                                                     437 843,11 €


Implementation time:

1.4.2018 – 31.10.2020



Program INTERREG V-A Czech republic - Poland

Priority Axis 2 - Developing the potential of natural and cultural resources to promote employment

2.1 Conservation and restoration of cultural and natural attractions for the sustainable development of the common border


Project goal:

The main project goal is to create new cross-border tourism product „Bohemian-Polisch Ridgetrail“. There will be a renewal and a new cross-border interconnection of this important historic hiking trail, along with the building of new related investments in the form of observation towers and  information centers. The project will be accompanied by a marketing and promotional campaign using traditional but also modern methods and information technologies taht are targeted to potential visitors.


Project activities:

0. Preparation of the project

Preparation of the project was covered by Euroregion Glacensis, which has dedicated permanent staff for this purpose, who will be part of the project even in the realization and sustainability phase. Several meetings took place. The lead partner also oversaw the timely delivery off all attachments, especially ground and building permits.

1. Project management

The Euroregion as the Lead partner will monitor timely fulfillment of the deadlines, proces project implementation reports and payment requests, and communicate with control authorities. Each project partner has a project team that communicates with LP though a CZ-PL coordinator or project management manager. For professional activities like tenders are hiring external experts.

2. Promotional and information activities

As part of the promotional aktivity, will be placed billboard at the site of the largest investment, ie Nowa Ruda, with information about all activities of the project, the places of their implementation and the mandatory publicity of the program. The content of the same poster will also be at the headquarters of the leading partner – Euroregion Glacensis. To furter inform the public, a newly created sub-page will be used, which will be continuously updated according to the activities of the project, which will also be promoted through social networks, print and radio. After completion of the project implementation, permanent explanatory memorial boards will be installed at the investment sites.

3. Building of tourist infrastructure

Designation of the ridgetrail – tehre will be a new special marking of the route named Hřebenovka

Observation towers – 11 observation towers will build, 8 of them will be restoration of historical towers, viewpoints or other heritage, only 3 are in new locations

  • Velká Deštná – Deštné v Orlických horách
  • Feist hill – Olešnice v Orlických horách
  • Šibeník – Nový Hrádek
  • Vysoká Srbská
  • Kłodzka mountain – Powiat Kłodzki
  • Czerniec - Międzylesie
  • Jagodna – Bystrzyca Kłodzka
  • Orlica – Duszniki Zdrój
  • Guzowata – Radków
  • Towe Słupiec – Miejska Nowa Ruda
  • Włodzica mountain – Nowa Ruda

Infocentre – another tourist infrastructure is the construction of two infocenters which will be established in Nový Hrádek on the Šibeník hill in the immediate vicinity of the planned observation tower and in Neratov in the immediate vicinity of the bulit bridge linking the Czech-Polish border

Parking - as the building site of the lookout tower and TIC in Nový Hrádek is located on Šibenik Hill, where there is no parking at present, there will be a parking lot with a capacity of 10 cars

The reconstruction of the bridge in Neratov – the bridge will be bulit at the borded crossing of Divoká Orlice and will directly connect Czech republic and Poland, is therefore considered a symbol of spiritual and physical connection berween Czechs and Poles and at the same time will increase the bandwidth.

4. Marketing campaign

Content of campaign is to create common logo of Hřebenovka, expand the web portal using panoramic views, presentation on social network, publicity through QR codes, publishing of printed materials in the formo f folders and sets, shattering maps, product presentation in the form of a calendar, creation of videosposts, press and radion advertising, press trip, conferences, etc.

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